Synleaf has setup several projects

Own projects:

Real-time power and gas consumption measurement (only Dutch) site: – tells you who the cheapest supplier is.
Mobile phone internet speed measurement App. Visit (only Dutch) site:
Real-time home power measurements and costs. Visit (only Dutch) site:
Real-time cloud monitoring.
Real-time data traffic monitoring. Visit real-time network monitoring site: Link temporary unavalable
Real-time web statistics. Visit real-time statistics page of this site: Link temporary unavalable

Customer projects:

MySQL development and advice at Fusix Networks
MySQL Cluster analysis at Teleena
MySQL advice and administration at Olisa
Real-time web statistics at bookit/
Real-time user interaction monitoring at Grontmij/Intouch
Real-time fraude detection at ABN-AMRO
Real-time network monitoring at Amsterdam Internet Exchange
Real-time network traffic monitoring at SBS6 Broadcasting and Netwerkvereniging Coloclue
Real-time order processing system at Maxivers